“As one of my personal top bands in the Twin Cities, it was exciting to have American Revival on the show. They proved to be funny and as awesome as their music is. It’s been a while since I was in tears laughing so hard. We want to thank them for coming out and encourage YOU (yes you) to go check these guys out. Unique sound, great players and the kind of guys you’d want to hang out with.” 

Christo - Sianet Radio 

“American Revival greeted us on the street by the joyous blast of Rock before we even hit the door. When I approached the lady to give her my ID I could hear that the happy noise was tinged with nostalgia. The first one you notice is Thomas Pendarvis, the front man, and he’s got a crazy manic look in his eyes not quite befitting the sweet twang in his voice. I couldn’t quite hear his lyrics, but the gist was pretty much traveling, being from Arkansas, and failed relationships. Lyrically dynamic, vocally acrobatic. They ended the set on a pretty sweet two step that blurred into a crazy pop punk implosion. I was deeply impressed by American Revival. They have this very epic almost metal sound with this incredible alt country twang over it. As performers they are articulate and passionate. As musicians they are crisp and punchy. They’re clean and tight and brought the girls out. It might be interesting to see a little more grit and grime on ‘em.” 

Claude Culotta - AEPHY.org 

“The characters that make up the tapestry of The Worst is Over Now are woven with great clarity and detail by the band. The themes of the heartache and loneliness that results from failing or failed relationships resonates throughout the entire album. Instead of making me wallow in the muck of it all, I feel comforted…just as I do when I listen to the blues…in knowing that the gutting that I have felt in my life is shared by a universal connection of far too many people slump shouldered over a bottle of beer.” 

Mark - Ick Music 

“Country and western music has seen many changes through the decades. In the early part of the 20th Century, The Carter Family, with their sincere Southern drawls, sang with clear vocals with themes revolving around gospels ("Will the Circle Be Unbroken") and family struggles ("John Hardy"). Fans of country music then would probably not believe that the early 21st Century would bring pop-country fusion with pop beats and themes of youthful romance, a la Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. Yet, there is a growing return to country roots. On many nights, Lee's Liquor Lounge hosts the finest in local rockabilly. The 331 Club hosts nightly Americana music, including the Roe Family Singers. The Church of Cash has been on the radar for the past several months, playing great gigs to fans of the outlaw style country music. The latest band to enter the scene and... http://www.examiner.com/live-music-in-st-paul/give-me-alt-country-americana-rock-but-don-t-mix-it-with-pop.” 

Monica - Examiner.com 

“Indie-rock with traces of country is a tough genre to innovate in, and even tougher to simply retread the same ground. Minneapolis band American Revival doesn't reinvent the indie-rock wheel, but it does add something immensely enjoyable to the genre, which is more than good enough. Their new EP, Thank Ya Kindly, is sweetened and prepped with pockets of catchy guitar and melodies. It's not complicated, but it does capture the emergence of the present and the love of a genre at one time.” 

Youa Vang - City Pages 

“Playing good Alt-Country is not as simple as strapping on a Telecaster and plugging into a nice Fender tube amp and calling it good. It takes honesty and some roots firmly planted in that world or else you’ll come off as a disingenuous fool. With that said the five piece Minneapolis band American Revival pull off the sound rather admirably, somewhat effortlessly, and with a refreshing energy. In fact, to label them “Alt-Country” doesn’t truly encompass their more complex sound.” 

Ryan Rud - Rift Magazine 

“American Revival is a self-described, punk-country band from Minneapolis. This isn’t your standard Nashville-style country at all though. This is an amazing combination of driving rock guitar, dynamic lyrics, and just a bit of twang thrown in that softens the vibe and makes the music just that much more relatable. We actually had the chance to see American Revival live in Chicago and were blown away by their stage presence. American Revival brings energy that sucks the crowd into their every whim and direction. Girls are dancing. Guys are wishing they could be in the band. It’s a good time. Check out their tunes on ReverbNation and their music video from their GigFunder tour page. Support them for a show in your city if you’re so inclined.” 

GigFunder - GigFunder 

“Folks, the lads have done it again. It’s a North Woods corker! From the first few wonderful seconds of the opening track’s acoustic guitar, I fell head over heels in love with their new EP. “95″ opens up the record by firmly planting an alt-country flag in the ground and it’s very, very deep. The track also has a Byrds-like feel to it that I found refreshing and inspiring to the point of where I really wanted to take a road trip to..well…anywhere! Ah, the magic of music…” 

Mark Campbell - Ick Music